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World-wide Famous Experts

Hunan SAF Automobile Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as HNSAF, established in 2012, located in Changsha City of Hunan Province in Southern China, is a high-tech enterprise. After the completion of Share Reform, HNSAF successfully listed on Hunan Stock Exchange in June of 2015. As a company engaged in high-tech products, HNSAF has always committed itself to the D&R, manufacturing and sales of test dummies, as well as the related testing equipments. In the mean time, the company provides technology supports and test services for the organizations in need of studies on injury biomechanics. HNSAF owns hundreds of employees, including a core team consisted of renowned professors, doctors studied abroad and world-wide famous experts. After years of domestic and international work and search, the team members have accumulated plenty of experience in this specific industry and made tangible contributions to the solutions of many companies in regard of automobile safety design and improvements.

High Technology


Since it was founded, HNSAF has mastered the key technology in producing the dummy used for crash Tests and is the first one and the only one that can manufacture and sell crash safety dummy, such as Hybrid III and TNO Seatbelt dummy in China. Currently, HNSAF has successfully produced Hybrid III 50 Dummy, Hybrid III5 Dummy,  Hybrid III 95 Dummy,  Q Series and P Series Dummy, TNO-10 Dummy, Countweight Dummy and the accessories. Moreover, HNSAF provides services on repairing and recasting of the broken dummies. From 2018 on, the company has successully completed the R&D of  FAA Dummy and set foot in RS Dummy. In the recent years, with the increasing compliments of the products, HNSAF has become more and more popular among the customers in both Chinese and international markets.