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      The widely used Hybrid III crash test dummies are developed on the basis of European and American human size. There are differences in dynamic response, biomechanical features, biofidelity and limited application range of test when they are directly used for crash tests in China. It is of great significance for SAF company to strengthen its research on Chinese human dummy, achieve the strategic target of the nation, break through the bottlenecks in the development of automobile, aerospace, railway, military and other industries, improve China's status in international competition in related fields, and promote the scientific research level in China.The research and development of multi-purpose biomechanical dummy based on Chinese human body has important significance and practical value.


      Chinese human dummy is based on GB/T10000-1988 adult size and existing Hybrid Ⅲ 50th percentile male dummy, which is developed by scaling way and conforms to Chinese physical size. It is smaller than Hybrid Ⅲ 50th percentile male dummy which is on the basis of European and American body sizes.The dynamic response, biomechanical performance and biofidelity of Chinese human dummy in various tests are more in line with the requirements of Chinese human simulation. It provides more accurate crash test data in the Chinese automobile safety field.

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  • Chinese Human Dummy