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               TNO-10 dummy is a kind of loading devices for conducting seat belt dynamic test in crash test simulation. Its physical mass and dimensions are consistent with that of 50th percentile adult male. The dummy is applicable to GB/T14166-2013 and ECE R16 regulations. 


      TNO-10 dummy is mainly composed of metal, fiberglass and polyurethane, in which the metal and fiberglass simulate the skeleton of the dummy, and polyurethane simulates the skin and flesh covered on the skeleton. The dummy consists of head, neck, torso, upper leg and lower leg which are interconnected by the joints. TNO-10 dummy wears a special coat and has a soft chest liner installed on the chest.
            TNO-10 dummy manufactured by SAF has been improved and upgraded on the basis of original TNO-10 design, which eliminated the phenomenon that the seat belt and the head of dummy are vulnerable to damage during the crash test. Meanwhile, the chest chain is unbreakable and more suitable for the test. In addition, one of the most prominent modification is that its skin is non-liquefied after long-term use. TNO-10 dummy is widely used in the test of seat belt performance in the automobile crash test simulation, which greatly guarantees the safety of automobile production.

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  • TNO-10 Dummy